The Photo Formula Preset Series

The Photo Formula Preset Series

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Six HYBRID Lightroom presets.  Looks designed from scratch to be both timeless and modern in their appeal.  Rich, romantic and vintage color pallets, mixed with bold tones full of contrast.  

  1. MATISSE - Named after the French Reninissance painter known for his use of colour, this preset will be your new "go-to" when editing photos.  Rich colours and pleasing skin tones, mixed with teal shadows for that modern look you've always been chasing.
  2. TAXI - Don't forget to tip your driver once you leave this 1970's New York City Taxi.  These yellow tones are like magic because they lightly milk skin tones, without over saturating.  The consistent yellows across all tonalities, evoke a  similar feeling to applying a gradient map in Photoshop.  This classic rich vibe mixes well with any style of photograph.
  3.  LAKE OSWEGO - Named after a picturesque suburban town in Oregon, this preset channels the "Pacific Northwest" feel so popular in modern photography.  What makes this preset different is the HYBRID mix of saturated skin tones, with muted shadows.  The look we've been chasing is finally here.
  4. LE BLEU - This preset is our favorite of the bunch, and you'll experience why.  The versatility of this look in outdoor photography AND studio is where this preset shines.  Completely different from anything you've ever used before, the HYBRID mix of cool shadows, with high-contrast MIDs and HIGHs makes this the top choice for any professional.
  5. 70MM - Designed to emulate the Super Panavision film stock developed in the 50's, used in such films as "Lawrence of Arabia" and more recently "The Hateful Eight" by Quentin Tarantino.  This look is the quintessential look of vintage colors, with modern contrast.  This was the first preset we designed in the series and still holds a dear place in our heart.
  6. PERFECT B&W -  The name speaks for itself.  After searching for the ultimate Black and White conversion, we finally found the perfect mix, and thrilled to share it with you.  What's so special about this preset is that you can still find detail in the dark shadows, although you would think they should be clipping.  Something magical happens in this preset with the smooth transitions between tones.  The HYBRID approach to this design is the juxtaposition between the high-contrast punch of the shadows, with the low-contrast cinematic midtones and highlights.  We hope you'll be excited about the perfect B&W when you apply it to your first image, and many more in the future!


**Note, these presets are specifically designed to be use with images shot in RAW**

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